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Founded by Teca Cameron-Tackie, The Professional's Coach, Skills to Dollar Bills™ is a global business consulting and coaching firm on a mission to build generational legacies for creatives and their families.

We support creatives, including diverse clients from economically disadvantaged communities around the globe, Skills to Dollar Bills™ aims to equip these creatives with skills and knowledge to improve their lives and the lives of others around them.

Entrepreneurship is the gateway to financial freedom. Using a platform such as Skills to Dollar Bills™, Mrs. Cameron-Tackie and her team aim to support at least 100 creative entrepreneurs annually, to build or grow their businesses into profitable ventures.

An experienced entrepreneur, Teca has been in business since 2008, starting her first company as an Image Consultant. Over the years, she has honed her entrepreneurial prowess through, academic advancement and good 'ole digging in the trenches.

Teca holds a A Masters Certificate in Adult Training and Development from Schulich School of Business, A Bachelor of Commerce degree from York University in Canada, Speaker, Trainer and  Coach Certification from the John Maxwell Team, as well as an Image Consulting Certificate from George Brown College.

At Skills to Dollar Bills™ you get the real deal. We're simply allergic to fluff. We don't promise magic, but we do ensure results!

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