5 Steps to Take Your Business Online: If You've Been Scared to Get Started

These days, everybody is on social media;

The world is evolving so much every day, and everything is online. From online courses to even relationships, so why not your business? Little known fact, if it wasn't for these 'inter-webs', I would never have met my husband. Really, that's where we met 12 years ago...online.




The internet is not a scary place where only creepy people go to do odd transactions in the wee hours of the night. It's actually a place where people meet others they would have never met who are world's apart, it's where friendships are built, partnerships are formed, commerce is traded, billionaires are made.

So, why are you hesitant to take your creative talents online?

When you think about it, and there is data to back it up, people are always online and you need people to patronize your business, right?

"According to Digital 2019 report, adults in the world spend on...

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