10 Important Lessons Moms with Business Can Teach Their Kids


Hello Money Maykah,

We're wrapping up the series on family management with a couple more posts.

Let's talk about the kids for a minute. If you're a Mompreneur, a boss mom, whatever you want to call yourself...basically a woman running a business with kids, this one may resonate most with you.

All Mom's whether you work in an office, the kitchen, at home, wherever---contribute so many valuable lessons to the rearing of their children. This article in no way reduces any Mom's efforts. We simply wish to highlight some of the fundamental lessons kids learn from Mom's who own businesses.

A lot of hard and smart work goes into starting a business, sleepless nights, insane hours of work, meeting deadlines, and daily challenges. All these, coupled with giving birth and raising a child or children, can be arduous tasks for entrepreneur Moms. 

Kids have a lot to learn from their business-oriented moms. Kids learn life and business lessons daily from their moms who take care of...

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How to Survive This Extended School Holiday as an Entrepreneur Mom


This one is for the Mom's (and Dad's if you're reading) out there who are now running your businesses, with your little assistant(s) in tow. For some entrepreneur Mom's, COVID-19 was really just a moment of acknowledgment.

You've been doing this for a while before it became the 'thing we all must do', right? You're a veteran at this work from home gig, yet you too are kind of stumped as to how to proceed in these times.

Running a business with children who are not in school, is much like, juggling balls standing on top of an elephant who is walking a tight rope anchored by a beach ball...

 Am. I. Lying?

With our two boys, I have to admit, it has been an extreme challenge. Since we started lockdown, I've been worried about their ability to adapt and adjust to these changes. Surprisingly, they haven't missed much of a beat. They do miss their friends and outdoor interaction though, that is a given.

They still play, laugh, snaaaack (you know the glorious...

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