How to Overcome Creative Blocks in the Post-COVID-19 Economy and Beyond


We've all been there and we may even be there right now!

As creatives and decision-makers, there is the need to perform at optimum and better your capacity continually. The possibility of struggling to get in the groove heightens with all the current events around the world. A creative block is a scary encounter for anyone. It can usher emotional episodes of self-doubt and tension.

Accepting anything short of excellence is never an option for a lot of creatives for understandable reasons. There are four main reasons creatives don't accept less than perfect:

  1. You; The first reason is that you know your capacity and can easily tell when your output is below that level. There are processes you have been through a thousand times, so the frustration is understandable if you find yourself struggling to do it correctly.

If you're a creative in the fashion industry, your intuition is one of your sharpest tools, so imagine the frustration if you find yourself struggling to make necessary...

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