Building Brand Loyalty: How to Keep Your Customers for The Long Haul

This month we're diving deep into branding. What is branding you may ask? Well, it truly depends on who you ask. For the purposes of this article, we are going to define branding the way we believe it should be presented. So here goes:

What is a BRAND?

A business brand is a quality or feature that identifies and makes your business stand out to customers. It is your differentiator, your identity in the marketplace. Think Beyonce. Her brand? Magical talent, King-ly behaviour and Black Excellence. So how does one become a Beyonce? 

Well, that my friend isn't what I'm here to show you today. No one can be Beyonce, she has created her own lane by tapping into her innate creative genius. You just have to be you and carve out your unique space in the world, for you and your biz.

To become a strong brand, you must know that it does not all just end in that super cool logo or website that you have. Yes! A super cool and colorful logo is most likely to attract business, but...

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