How to run a business successfully in hard times


For the times ahead, it is crucial to position your service or product as essential and safe. The pandemic and looming recession will lead to customers spending on only essential commodities or services.

-How the pandemic crept in without announcing

We started this year with war threats from America and Iran. We didn't see COVID-19 coming, but here we are! Billions lost, millions infected, thousands of dead, and a looming recession. From all credible indicators, the times ahead will be tough for medium and small-scale entrepreneurs, especially creatives. What's coming next? and how do we prepare our businesses for unexpected scenarios?

There are hundreds of businesses that have survived for more than one century. Boschendal winery in South Africa, Berkshire Hathaway in the USA, Enterprise group in Ghana, and The Marinelli Bell Foundry in Italy are some of the many companies that have lived through wars, recessions, pandemics, and change in civilization.

Preparedness and dynamism...

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