Marketing Products and Getting Sales to Business During a Crisis

Hey there Money Maykah,

How is business going on your end?

I know this is a tough time and you’re on either end of the spectrum… there are entrepreneurs and businesses that are doing the most right now and trying to capture their audiences. They are marketing their products and services and getting sales to their businesses.

They either have an essential service or product that people need or they have discovered something new arising from the pandemic and they have decided to capitalize on it. Face masks and virtual services are a hot commodity right now.

On the other end of the spectrum, you have those businesses who are either confused, cautious or simply content with closing down their operations until things settle down. They see this as a time to refocus and attend to other priorities that are not entirely related to their business.

Where do you find yourself on this spectrum?

So what am I doing at this time?

You know, for me, I have had to stop my in-person sessions outright. Though there is the possibility to do some of my work online (virtual coaching and consulting) the physical work of Image Consulting has come to a grinding halt. As well, any workshops or in-person meetings are off the table. In Ghana, the lockdown has been lifted yet for safety, we remain cautious and will self isolate until the way is clear.

Until then, I’ve pivoted and can focus on the online aspects of my business which is to provide advice, guidance and support to clients anywhere they are located in the world.

One fact we all agree to is, there are many people who are now online. Young, old, seasoned and inexperienced, the online world has opened up to many new users. 

It has been a long time coming but the Coronavirus pandemic has lit a fire under many feet. This is likely one good outcome of this situation. It is bringing a wider awareness to the need to adapt our lifestyles and cultures to incorporate virtual learning, business and social interaction. It's just the way of doing things in the not so distant future.

So are you jumping on the online 'bandwagon'? Here's the truth, just because there are more people interested in online services (or products) doesn’t necessarily correlate to you getting sales, yes, it is the hard truth but it needs to be said.

Your potential clients are possibly more distracted than ever before and may or may not be seeing you. 

If you’re not good at sharing your message or being consistent, you can easily get lost in the sea of promotional messages, Facebook ads, video uploads and overall noise.

Visibility and Connection are key.

We have a few tips that will get you started on how to market online and get sales for your business. Here are a few below: 

Build Your Email List

If you're attuned to your audience, you’ll likely know that they are looking for support during this time. One great way to get started is to spend some time growing your email contacts. Imagine if you have 1,000 people on your list, imagine if you were able to connect with at least 10% of these potential clients and turn them into actual clients? 

How to build an email list?

The keyword is value. value. Value. Give a valuable freebie, give out this freebie through emails. This means emails will be required to share right? Yes, your potential clients will not mind sharing their emails to receive a resource that will help them.

Freebies can be an e-book, printables like weekly planners, checklists, and information worth sharing. You can also share a valuable resource at a very minimal or discounted price.

You can collect these through your social media, website, landing pages or use a simple google form. 

What do you do when the emails are collected?

Keep your people engaged, keep in touch with them, have a series of emails pre-written from welcome stage through to sales. Don’t forget to have some prepared for other possible outcomes.

This sounds all technical. If you’re stuck and need help sorting it all out we’ve got you covered.

Start Building a Blog

In a blog, you get to put down and share your knowledge, opinions and get your potential clients engaged. You serve as a resource for them.


Blogging is a way of communicating to your potential clients who you are and what you do. It is a great way to get seen.

How do I start a blog?

Usually, a blog can be added on to your website if you have. This way people that visit your website will have the opportunity to read your blog as well. 

Alternatively, you can find some free to host websites, such as,, Weebly or the like. Some you may have to pay a small fee to get certain features that may come in handy.

Getting eyeballs on your blog posts

You should always share on your social media feed or stories with links to the blog. Choose interesting topics that provide value related to your service and product that you believe your potential clients will search for. Include great keywords that are used during searches to improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

You can also share with your email list and ask your contacts to share with their audience. Keep to remember is great content that serves your audiences' needs, helps them solve a problem or makes them feel great is more likely to get shared.

Share more, promote occasionally

Engage Your Followers with Gifts and Give Aways

Letting your followers know you care enough to give them a gift can be a game-changer. This can cultivate loyal following knowing that you have a habit of giving. 

What can you give as a gift?

Gifts can be anything from the heart. It can be a piece of an item like a book you’ve read and loved and want to share, t-shirts, shoes, pen, planners or dairies, branded mugs etc. You can also consider doing a collaboration with other businesses that have these items on sale. 

You can also do cash giveaway if the time and place call for it. Giving out gifts may cost you a little bit especially if you have to pay for shipping, so as a friendly advice, consider sticking to people close to you, in the same country or region where you don’t have to pay huge amounts for shipping. 

Get Help From Others

When it’s all said and done, marketing and promoting your business can turn into a full-time job. Consider getting the support of a business coach or consultant who can guide you on your marketing strategy, give you tips and even done-for-you assistance to get your products and services into the marketplace.

How do you engage a Business Coach?


Finding a business coach is not the tough part, finding the best one for you, can be the struggle. Everyone can say they are coaches but not everyone can get results for their clients. Check out their credentials, who they have helped, how successful they are and the recommendations they have.

Most of all spend time getting to know them to see if you like them and can trust them to look out for your best interest.

Yes, we are going through a crisis right now, but don’t let that stop you from handling your business. If you’re on the side of the spectrum that wants to get busy, these tips will help you to get started or to enhance what you have already done.

Want to find out how we can help you? Check us out at Skills to Dollar Bills.


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