10 Important Lessons Moms with Business Can Teach Their Kids


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We're wrapping up the series on family management with a couple more posts.

Let's talk about the kids for a minute. If you're a Mompreneur, a boss mom, whatever you want to call yourself...basically a woman running a business with kids, this one may resonate most with you.

All Mom's whether you work in an office, the kitchen, at home, wherever---contribute so many valuable lessons to the rearing of their children. This article in no way reduces any Mom's efforts. We simply wish to highlight some of the fundamental lessons kids learn from Mom's who own businesses.

A lot of hard and smart work goes into starting a business, sleepless nights, insane hours of work, meeting deadlines, and daily challenges. All these, coupled with giving birth and raising a child or children, can be arduous tasks for entrepreneur Moms. 

Kids have a lot to learn from their business-oriented moms. Kids learn life and business lessons daily from their moms who take care of them and her business. You'll know what their learning because these little humans tend to be really good imitators. My two, have started created Canva boards, price sheets, mocking our phone conversations, they're each working on their own business concepts just like Mom and Dad. Super cute, I might add.

So what are some of the ways that you can teach your children as you are running your business?

As entrepreneur moms, you could hire your kids to test their ability to handle specific responsibilities. Perhaps, your child may not be ready for work yet; as an entrepreneur mom, you can teach your kids a lot more than just the basics of running a business.

As Mompreneurs, you can access wonderful teaching moments to impart various crucial skills and life lessons. In this article, I will share what entrepreneurial moms can teach their kids to positively influence them. At the end of the day, most of us go into business to leave a legacy for our children. Knowledge and soft skills are powerful attributes to leave behind.

1. Patience & Persistence

Patience and persistence are some of the essential traits of a successful entrepreneur. When your child witnesses you daily committed to the growth of your business, when they are directly interacting with you as you handle some of the great challenges you will inevitably face, they can learn a thing or two about patience and persistence.

Include your child in some of the activities that go into your business, show them some of the things that you have to accomplish and your goals to get their. Try to include them in decision making where appropriate. They will feel included and they will get a better understanding as to what Mommy does each day.

This will help them to learn to be independent, resourceful, and persistent as they set achievable goals, just like you. Kids of entrepreneur moms learn not to give up when faced with challenges.

2. Delegating and Organization

Naturally, mothers tend to multitask, especially moms that combine parenting with business. Multi-tasking as we have learned over the years though, isn't always the best strategy as it tends to reduce our ability to focus.  Personally, I have struggled in this area to the point where I have to be very intentional about every single task in order to maintain focus. It's a challenge some Mom's face, especially if they have attention deficit disorders or any other disabilities that may prevent them from sticking to task.

While you're working, show your little one (if they are old enough of course) how you organize your day. Got Trello boards? Sit them down and explain what it is. Use a Calendar? Give them a peak, maybe even invite them to a scheduled meeting with Mom. Our kids are a lot more tech saavy than we think. Give them little opportunities to take a glance into a day in the life of Mom.

Let them see how you get things done. For example, I often follow the Pomodoro technique  so I have a kitchen timer on my desk and I explain to the kids that when my timer is ticking that means Mommy is focused and shouldn't be interrupted.

You can also involve the kids in household chores to give them a sense of responsibility. Show them how you delegate tasks and help them to also manage the house workload.

Kids learn this art and understand when it is necessary to prioritize something or delegate roles in business. 

3. Compassion & Empathy

Most kids learn to show compassion and empathy from their parents, especially Moms. As a business owner, empathy and compassion imply putting yourselves in your customer's shoes and understanding your employees' needs and concerns. 

It is an excellent way to foster a great working culture and build trust. How can you instill these values in your children? Lead by example. Kids stay in the background and watch as their moms show compassion and empathy toward neighbors, clients and her employees. Be mindful that they are always watching. 

4. The Art of Negotiation

Ideally, kids don't negotiate; instead, they demand what they want. It takes skill to get the to eventually understand that the world doesn't revolve around them. However, kids may learn how to negotiate from their entrepreneur Moms while their mom is negotiating with clients. If you have a storefront, they may be witness to the bargaining process. You can teach them directly with the way you help them to negotiate for their own needs. Entrepreneur moms regularly display negotiating skills at home as they use words to get kids or spouses to go alongside them for a particular cause.

5. Prioritizing

As a mom combining parenting with business, you may have many tasks at home after work. Hence, it is super important to prioritize tasks effectively. They sort out the essential tasks and the less critical tasks and channel more energy to execute the important ones. 

As mothers channel their energies and time working on essential duties, kids learn from this valuable lesson to become better leaders. 

6. Ability to Adapt

Entrepreneur moms are expected to balance business with family duties and their personal lives. They are expected to wear different hats all through the day, literally. Some days it can be challenging. Entrepreneurs are adaptable to various environments and audiences. Showing your children that there is a need to be adaptable and to roll with the punches gives them the know-how to also navigate in their own lives. Encourage your child(ren) to learn to interact with multiple people and know the right time to adjust responses while interacting. 

7. Independence

A successful entrepreneur understands the importance of being independent. They know that no one is responsible for their success or failures.

Independence also breeds self-confidence, which kids pick up from their parents. Children raised by business-oriented moms may have less issues with entering new environments such as school. When we model independence, we teach our children that we are the ones who direct our lives (next to God).

8. Perseverance

In business, there are periods of highs and lows. Moms passively and actively teach her kids how to survive difficult situations.

This is an essential attribute that will help your child, even in sports participation. Try involving your child in sports competition as a way to challenge them to dedicate themselves to a task. Showing them what it means to persist, teaches them not to give up on any circumstance until they achieve success. 

9. Hard work

While most parents leave home in the morning for work and return home in the afternoon, entrepreneur Moms tend to work in the presence of their children; they move along with their home or work in their home. This exposes kids to business from an early age as they watch their moms working.

Moms who integrate their workspace at home allow their kids to first look at their work. This makes them understand what their mom means when she says she's working. Kids learn discipline and a positive work ethic through this, vital to any entrepreneur's success.

10. Listening

Another key entrepreneurial skill moms can teach their kids is listening skills. They don't have answers to everything, but they tend to listen to other ideas and opinions. Moms also do this a lot at home by listening to their kids, at least we try :). Kids learn these key traits to develop their own listening skills.

Reasons Moms Make the Best Entrepreneurs

People often say that being a mom is underpaid and underappreciated. Well, such is the case with entrepreneurship too. If all you desire is a fat salary and pats on the back, you won't even think of starting your business.

However, like motherhood, it should not deter you from enjoying your fantastic life experience.

Here are the six reasons why moms make the best entrepreneurs

Ability to handle lots of drama

Things don't always go as planned, and moms are used to this. From waking up late into the midnight to change diapers to bus station tantrums, life gets messy as a mom. Mothers have learned to keep their composure gracefully at these unwelcome situations.

In a minute, moms are cleaning baby poop; in another, they are gifted with a blissful smile from their child. The smile is a reminder that all the hard work and effort is worth it.

The same scenario plays out as entrepreneurs where we find ourselves in various uncomfortable situations. At a time, it could feel like your business is on the verge of failure, but with a small win,  you get back on track and you and remember why you decided to venture into business.

They stay focused on the big picture.

If mom's decide to get pissed every time their kids erred, they wouldn't have time to enjoy all the good stuff. Instead, we often get down to work, clean up messes, ignore the small stuff, and focus on what matters at the moment, which is to spend quality time with our kids.

To achieve success as entrepreneurs, staying focused on the big picture is essential. Through this, you will have enough time to spend growing your business and developing relationships.

Superior Time Management

Mother's show their superior time management skills by juggling lots of tasks such as kids' homework, nap times, menus, play dates, or whatever else is competing for attention. Moms also have a knack for identifying and sorting urgent tasks from long-term tasks, which makes them do efficient jobs.

Moms also exhibit this quality as an entrepreneur as there are times the focus is on getting through to the next day. There are other days it's about strategy development for future business success.

Knowing the right time and place to invest your time is crucial for running a personal business that moms do effectively at home.

Moms are versatile 

Moms are versatile as they fit into most jobs and tasks required. In an instant, they are needed to cook at short notice, perform the role of a nurse, therapist, teachers, etc.

While moms may have some skills related to these tasks, others may need to learn from experts on YouTube.

For Mompreneurs, some possess various skills applicable to starting their business. But in running their businesses, they learn new skills and gain more knowledge and expertise in areas they did not even know existed.

Unwavering dedication

Moms are usually loyal and dedicated to raising their kids. Even when rejected by their child for various reasons, they don't let it get to them as they have poured their heart and soul into raising their kids. Mother's keep focused on the goal of raising good kids.

This also applies to how entrepreneurs experience rejection in the course of expanding their businesses. It's often difficult not to allow those rejections to get to us personally. But, we keep going regardless, because we believe in our ability to make a difference.

Great Financial Manager


In most families, mom makes the family spending budget for the household purchase. Making such meticulous and smart decisions is high-pressure work. Planning savings and spending can make a significant difference in a family's survival.

The same is applied to businesses, as most startup funds come from the founder's savings. That means a well thought out decision must be made on every financial support for the company.

As Mompreneurs and creatives, your kids are watching every step that you take. Endeavor to leave a positive and lasting impression on them, so that they pick up the positives and strive to become great entrepreneurs in the future.


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