5 Steps to Take Your Business Online: If You've Been Scared to Get Started

These days, everybody is on social media;

The world is evolving so much every day, and everything is online. From online courses to even relationships, so why not your business? Little known fact, if it wasn't for these 'inter-webs', I would never have met my husband. Really, that's where we met 12 years ago...online.




The internet is not a scary place where only creepy people go to do odd transactions in the wee hours of the night. It's actually a place where people meet others they would have never met who are world's apart, it's where friendships are built, partnerships are formed, commerce is traded, billionaires are made.

So, why are you hesitant to take your creative talents online?

When you think about it, and there is data to back it up, people are always online and you need people to patronize your business, right?

"According to Digital 2019 report, adults in the world spend on average  6 hours and 42 mins on the internet per day. In the USA that figure is a little less at 6h 31m."

Take a look at the figures below to see the facts about digital usage around the world. 

Whether you sell cookies in a patisserie, teach children in a nursery, fitness in a gym, sell art in a gallery or vintage fashion in a boutique, you can take your business online. There are over 4.388 billion (according to digital around the world in 2019) people using the internet to access information and services. If you're not online, you're missing out on your portion of these people.

(Source: Digital 2019 Report, Hootsuite)

So back to the original thought, MOVE YOUR BUSINESS ONLINE TODAY.

 I get what you may be thinking next is, fine that may be the case but...



Hold on a minute, we'll get there!

Let's make sure that you have a system when you get started.


1. You'll need to know who you're serving

2. What they need the most from you

3. An automated system to get them what they need

Most importantly, throughout the process, you want to: 

4. Build a connection, by adding Superior Value to your audience while building trust


5. Drive Consistent Traffic to your offers so that your audience can access the solutions that you have to support them.

So let's get down to the technicalities:       


Brand Presence Framework © 2016 Skills to Dollar Bills®

Since you would like your brand to be unique and stand out, you must realize going online  serves as a boost to your message, and it makes your brand dynamic and flexible—change is good. Ultimately, you will be given more opportunity to build your brand's presence.

This presence enables you to further attract, connect and influence your audience so that they  will want to do business with you.

Moving your business online is one of the smartest and possibly, most profitable moves to make on your road to success for so many reasons:

  • you get to sell your products and services to a broader audience
  • you get to be versatile and flexible
  • you address concerns and feedback better
  • you can expand your reach
  • you can engage your customers
  • you increase your chance of gaining brand loyalty,
  • you can keep customers updated on exclusive trends among other things.

In recent times, going about business the traditional way alone is just not enough. It's time to move beyond doing business where your products and/or services are only sold in a physical store or an office (brick and mortar).

An online presence is vital today more than it has ever seen. Moving your business online is your best option if you wish to survive the long haul as well as staying ahead of the game.

 Consider for a moment that this shift, rather than being a burden, is viewed as a blessing in disguise as it has opened opportunities that you may not have been aware of before. It presents a whole new level of advantages like the ones mentioned earlier.

Some other benefits of moving your business online include:

  •  it speaks volumes about your business and boosts your image
  • grants your clients access to products 24/7
  • cuts operational costs (expenses in the office, light, water, internet, and rent)
  • it also grants you good credibility, your clients grow to trust in your
  • with a solid sales funnel, you can withstand temporary shut downs and maintain a steady flow of revenue. 


After you have figured out:

  • Your (Why)reason for going online
  • Your (Who) you want to serve
  • Your (What) you want to offer them.
  • Your (How) you want your brand to look like

1. Brand your business with a stellar website: next to having a well branded logo and a brand strategy, creating a website is the next natural step to take when moving your business online; if you already have one created, then this is where you optimize and update it. In this competitive landscape, where even family pets have their own domains, having a great website is very important for your company's success.

A website does not just give you credibility, but it also creates a place for you to connect with your tribe. A website allows you to advertise your business and what you do on a much larger scale. With a great website in place, customers get to access a variety of your products and services even when you are asleep.

If you lack an online presence, customers may not take you seriously. Once you finally have that website up and running, you must keep it updated as regularly as
possible—consistency is a crucial factor. 

The most important thing is that you keep your website active and updated after creating it to keep your customers engaged—try not to overdo it. Please keep it simple and professional. As you grow, you can develop it better.

2. Develop your content strategy: Start with a highly valuable FREE offering that your audience will love. This free offering will be the start of your sales funnel. You can place this on your website.

Typically your content strategy would include the channels you will use to communicate with your audience (ie. Facebook, Instagram), when you will communicate with them and what you will do and/or say.

Once you have your free offering, you can use your blog as a means to build a connection and trust with your audience. Blogging is a really good way to drive traffic. Here's an interesting statistic. "Marketers that prioritize blogging as part of their efforts are 13x more likely to see a positive return-on-investment." (Neilpetal.com)

A content strategy is all about relationship building and this step is multi-layered. There are many components of a content strategy, but the key to remember is staying consistent.

3. Build a sales funnel: This is the series of tiered offerings that you will share with your audience that will serve their most critical needs. We dive deep into this during our online programs and courses.  The funnel will determine how profitable you can be online. Build the right funnel and you can consistently earn money every minute, hour, day, week, month you name it.

4. Make sure you have a secure online payment system: the next thing you should consider after creating your website is enabling a secure online payment system that takes care of cash flow and expenses without your customers having to come to an office—this introduces style, convenience, and ease in transactions. There are many payment platforms that you can use online to collect money from clients anywhere in the world. In our programs, we teach you what platforms are the best and which ones you should let rest.

Transparency in business helps build trust between you and your clients. You must send them invoices after every transaction, preferably by email—old-school letter on paper is allowed, but it will be tedious. Also consider having a money back guarantee or refund policy.

5. Drive traffic:  Take full advantage of social media to spread awareness, advertise and keep your clients posted; it is the largest of marketplaces with a wide array of audiences. Being on every social media platform can be a lot of work and is mostly stressful, so it is advisable to focus on a couple of  platforms that you feel comfortable with and focus on them. 

This is where you can truly turn up the gas. You have to tell people about what you have if they are going to purchase from you. So how will you do this? Consistency (organic posting) or through sponsored (paid advertising).

Make good use of the SEO effect: SEO or Search Engine Optimization has proven to be one of the trusted sources of unpaid or organic traffic for websites. SEO places your website on the top of the list or among it on the search engine results page.

In conclusion:

Moving your business online can be overwhelming. Try to keep it as simple as possible, be yourself, and be original.

Focus on being efficient in gaining brand loyalty. Moving your business online has become essential to keep your business alive due to the current realities we face in the global marketplace. Think creatively about how to reinvent your business to take advantage of this digital era. The world may have shut down for a time, but that doesn't mean that your company should become obsolete as a result.

Were these tips useful to you?

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