Building Brand Loyalty: How to Keep Your Customers for The Long Haul

This month we're diving deep into branding. What is branding you may ask? Well, it truly depends on who you ask. For the purposes of this article, we are going to define branding the way we believe it should be presented. So here goes:

What is a BRAND?

A business brand is a quality or feature that identifies and makes your business stand out to customers. It is your differentiator, your identity in the marketplace. Think Beyonce. Her brand? Magical talent, King-ly behaviour and Black Excellence. So how does one become a Beyonce? 

Well, that my friend isn't what I'm here to show you today. No one can be Beyonce, she has created her own lane by tapping into her innate creative genius. You just have to be you and carve out your unique space in the world, for you and your biz.

To become a strong brand, you must know that it does not all just end in that super cool logo or website that you have. Yes! A super cool and colorful logo is most likely to attract business, but whether they stay loyal or leave is solely dependent on what happens next. A company with the coolest logo and poor customer service will not thrive in the long haul. Facts upon facts.

Additionally, a business brand is more or less a body made up of other vital features, all playing unique roles, like the style of customer service, business cards, the professionalism of the staff, appearance of staff, marketing materials, advertising, premises as well as that "Kick-ass" logo. They all work collectively to build a strong business brand. It is the dream of every business to be sustainable and eventually become a household name and make money, too—very important.

Brand loyalty is the factor that makes it all happen; it is when your customer's lifestyle indirectly advertises your business. Once you gain know, like and trust with your customer, you'll have influence with them and that me dear, is akin to the day Denzel met Pauletta, the love will last a longgg time.  This is our framework for building brand presence and ultimately brand loyalty. Attract, Connect & Influence­™.

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When customers become committed to purchase from your company over time, its going to take a whole lot of persuading for your competitors to steal them away. You just have the sauce and your client will want every drip. All you have to do is keep serving them and solving their problems better than anyone else can.

When customers are loyal, your bound to see the results in your bank account. They will whip out their credit cards and spend their cash faster than a Tesla on a clear speedway.

You'll likely see the spike in your followers and people who genuinely want to see, hear or learn more from you. This will put you ahead of the competition, quick fast.

Successfully establishing a loyal following can transform your clients from just customers to your tribe, your peops, your brand influencers or ambassadors and even open advocates for your business.

When customers are loyal to your brand, they tend to promote you with ease, thus increasing brand awareness and customer referrals. I mean, who can't benefit free advertising? 

Let's take a look at some of the ways and reasons why we should all strive to earn brand loyalty.

In the world we live in today, customers prefer to research products online before they make an actual purchase; so, you can be solely dependent on traditional methods to gain brand loyalty. Also, only a handful of customers remain loyal to a particular brand. If you get this right, you've got it in the bag and my dear Money Maykah, full bags, we do love.


  • Customers that are loyal to the brand bring a lot of profits.
  • It is easier and cheaper to market to repeat customers; they make a lot of frequent purchases and spend more.
  • Most times, customers subconsciously develop a feeling of association towards a brand.

It is high time companies begin to invest more in building brand loyalty. Here are a few tips to help turn your customers into super fans of your brand so much that they never forget your logo or brand name. Let's make them keep coming back for more.

How are you looking on the outside? A captivating brand presence draws others in. Humans are visual creatures and we have emotional responses to what we see, taste, feel, hear and smell. If you are branding online, what do you have that will catch your prospects eyes? Are your colours poppin' or are you just flinging anything together and hoping it will make sense? Is your messaging speaking to 8 billion people or 'your people's', your tribe, the folks that will likely connect with you? Do you know your value proposition and are you making that clear in your content?

It will be a tough road to gaining loyalty if you can't master the art of attraction. Over time, that's why we show you how to build your brand from the ground up so that it is sizzling hot!

2. CONNECT WITH YOUR CUSTOMERS: engaging with customers helps you build an atmosphere of association and belonging, more like a sense of family. Get your customers engaged and enthusiastic by sharing "what's new" with your brand, updates, opinions, and other exciting developments. Be active and consistent with staying relevant. Social media is a great tool that can be used to keep your customers in the know for any exclusive deals, new discounts, and trends as well as whatever your company has planned going forward. It is essential that your customers feel involved in your business (i.e., How can we serve you better?), a good percentage of them will be positive associations.

When customers are engaged, they become happy and loyal customers. If your communication with customers starts to sound like a conversation, you are on course, scoring a touchdown.

Create your own branded hashtags like #moneymaykahcrew if you must. Give your tribe a name and make it stick. The constant checking up, communication, nurturing, and reaching out to customers works like a ripple effect in your favor. Poor customer service is a pivotal contributor to the loss of customers, so you might want to check that out. Be sure to maintain your standard of professionalism and keep it flawless-- trust me, even if every other thing is a disaster, an excellent customer experience will do you one better. Keep your social media game tight and do well to address customer complaints promptly.

3. GET TO KNOW YOUR CUSTOMERS BETTER: KYC, Know Your Customer is one crucial ingredient in transforming your clients from casual customers to brand ambassadors. This is not rocket science; the best way to render the best of services to your customers is by knowing them better, understanding what makes them tick.

An increase in customer loyalty is one of the sweet rewards of knowing your customers. Knowing your customers helps foster great relationships, which also leads to them handing out a lot of word-of-mouth recommendations.

Here are three sure ways to understand your customers better;

  • Show your face. People want to know who they are dealing with so put yourself in their shoes.
  • Collect information and analyze it. The numbers don't lie so use your data to find out what your prospects and clients want and need.
  • Always ask for opinions. Get them talking. Your customers are the first place you should go to before you even build or offer a product or service.

Conducting a customer survey regularly has also proven to be helpful

3. YOUR BRAND MUST BE CONSISTENT; This also falls under customer experience. Consistency is vital in building brand loyalty, and it makes your customers feel confident that whenever you make a promise, you will deliver and not just when it suits your needs. Don't make promises you know very well your company can't offer; when you under-promise and over-deliver, then your brand is on the right track to not just growing but reaching great heights. It also goes a long way to help you stand out among your competitors.

4.GET THAT DOPE LOGO; When influential brand names come to mind, what we see is their visual representation; it is an essential thing that identifies them.

Colors play a very important role in creating that brand logos; they express the message, mood, feeling, and vision of the brand. The color palette chosen for your brand logo must be carefully considered. Brand logos can make customers feel happy, sad, nostalgic, enthusiastic, emotional, passionate, hungry towards the brand it represents.

A color like blue represents comfort, confidence, and trust, so you should if that's what you wish to convey, this would be an ideal choice of colour. A brand like Ferrari® is symbolically represented by the colour red. Red symbolizes fire, heat, energy, danger. When you see the car, you understand the choice of colour. 

4. MAKE THEM WANT TO COME BACK; People usually have a lot of things running through their minds, and no matter how great your products are, you're not likely to be on the top of their "what's on your mind" list. 

Keep your customers engaged in person and online. Share regular content that is useful and engaging. Include them in your product or service offering decisions. Become familiar so that they know who you are. Consider starting or growing your email list, as well as building communities of support where you can regularly interact with your tribe. The more they hear from you, the more likely they will be to support you and buy your products or services.

For storefronts or retailers, offer your customers rewards for shopping with you. That will surely keep them coming back for more.


Loyal customers are great for business; they tend to stick around, spend more, are willing to try new products from your brand, become strong advocates, and make a lot of referrals. The primary goal of starting a business is to make a profit, so if brand loyalty is a sure bet to succeed in business, then it is worth the investment. 

Engaging your customers, knowing them better, rewarding them, investing in an excellent logo and branding material, and promoting their testimonies on your social media establishes an atmosphere of comfort, trust, and significance. People need to feel appreciated, seen, and relevant, which is quite hard to find in this technological world, so if they find it in your brand, they will want to come back for more.

Ready to start building or grow your brand? I can help. Check out the Captivate With Presence™ starter and branding consultation packages. to help you build a memorable brand that attracts, connects and influences your audience.


About the Author:

Teca Cameron-Tackie is a multipreneur, Coach, Speaker and Author. She runs a digital marketing agency supporting small to Teca on LinkedInmedium sized companies to build their brands on and offline. In addition to her other entrepreneurial ventures, Teca is co-founder of the Skills to Dollar Bills® brand, a brand designed to elevate and equip women, especially African and women of African descent  to excel in business.

Teca has spent the past 12 years focused on supporting clients through branding , helping them to define their personal, professional and business brands for success.

To learn more visit her LinkedIn profile at: Connect with Teca on LinkedIN 




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