20 Innovative Business Ideas You Can Start This Weekend To Make Money

Are you looking for ways to fire your boss and start your own business?


In fact, many people want to start their own business, but they don’t even know what to do. Well, the best place to start is by looking at your own passion, talents and expertise. All you have to do is to create, package and build a new business around your creative talent.


You might have the talent but also don’t know how to create market value for customers and generate money. That is why we have put together this article:  20 innovative business ideas you can start on a weekend to earn more money. 


Find the best idea that suits your passion and personality. What are you good at? What can work best for you? You might also have some ideas which might not be in this write-up. There’s no need to worry. You can contact us to guide you on how to leverage that idea into an income generating business that puts money in your pocket.


But whatever the case, ensure you have enough experience or know how before you get the ball rolling. Know your craft and be the best at it. If people are going to pay you for the delivery of your services, they expect and want the best! Also, set aside enough capital to keep the lights on.


  1. Event planner


Event planning is a good business idea if you enjoy the thrill of throwing parties. You can use your passion and expertise to build a business of organizing parties/events for individuals/organizations. Here is how to make money as an event planner:


  •  Have a certification: it’s not a necessity, but it can give you an upper hand.
  • Develop the expertise: you need experience. You can decide to work for a local event planning company.
  • Create a portfolio: a portfolio is crucial to get high paying gigs.
  • Begin by organizing parties for your friends and henceforth get referrals  


  1. Landscape and gardening


You only need to be creative to be a landscaper. Landscaping is an art that you can learn as you go. As a landscaper, you are responsible for making people’s home and office beautiful. You need to learn about gardening, flowering and many others.


Here’re a couple of tips to get you started:


  • Make sure you have considerable experience and knowledge to get the job done right.
  • Develop experience working for a local company
  • Set up your landscaping and design company
  • Market your business via word of mouth
  •  You need to focus on your customers and provide the best services to them.


  1. eBay/Amazon seller


Ecommerce is growing at a rapid rate. Many people with a special talent for retailing are cashing in on their talents by starting their own online stores on Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Shopify, Alibaba, AliExpress and many others. Selling online can earn you lots of cash.


Follow the following guidelines to start your online selling business:


  • Create a merchant account.
  • Look for fast moving products to sell.
  • Write compelling product descriptions.
  • Market your store to potential customers.
  • Drive targeted traffic to your online store.
  • Start selling and collecting payments.
  • Plan and manage your shipping/delivery process.


  1. Graphic design business


Are you interested in graphics? You can create a profitable business doing this. As a graphic designer, all you need is the internet and the latest design software. With these two skills and your marketing magic, you can start providing eye-catching graphic designs for local businesses in your area and make a lot of money. You can also create designs using software such as sites like Canva and Adobe products like Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, etc.


  •  Develop the needed expertise by working on your skills.
  •  Start by designing graphics for your friends at a low price.
  •   Create a portfolio to display your work. An Instagram page works fine.
  •   Market and get more customers for your business.   Convert your graphics designing into a graphic design agency. A graphic design agency will work great once you have the right skills and portfolio to attract top clients.


  1. Blogging


If you love writing, this is your chance. You can start your own blog and monetize it through advertisement or sponsored blog posts. Once your blog is generating a considerable amount of traffic, you can monetize through ads.


Here is how to make a kill as a blogger:


  • Purchase a domain name and hosting via Namecheap or Bluehost
  • Focus on one niche because that’s the best way to rank fast
  • Learn SEO and do keyword research to develop content that rank on search engines
  • Monetize your blog by signing into AdSense or any other affiliate-marketing program.
  • You can also sell your digital products on your blog.
  • Provide blogging and content writing services to local businesses.


  1. Become an Uber Driver


Do you have an unused car? Why not become an Uber driver on weekends. It’s one of the best innovative side business ideas. You will also enjoy the thrill of networking with people and helping people to move around for their business or commuting activities.


Start your own transport business as an Uber Driver as follows:


  •  Register as an Uber driver or any other delivery services companies.
  • Treat your customers well to get the highest rating and positive reviews.
  •  Have your delivery agency after settling for a target market and setting aside some capital to start your business.


  1. Interior designer


Do you love designing? Then you should try your hand at interior designing.


  • Start by having a website and a logo for your brand
  • Work for free to gain experience and have connections with your target clients  
  • Attend events in your area and distribute flyers because your clients are almost everywhere (as long as someone owns a house).
  • Market your business online. You can choose Facebook because it’s popular
  • Make money and reinvest it back into your business.


  1. Web development


As people launch businesses, they will want to have a web presence. This is your chance to design attention grabbing websites for businesses in your local area. Consider getting some experience and then just take a plunge.


Here is how to make money as a web designer:


  • Have a website that displays your skills. It should be well designed and responsive.
  •  Let your website sell your skills even without people having to look at your portfolio
  • Market your services to local businesses in your area.
  • To get better gigs, aim for reviews from your first few clients.


  1. Virtual assistant


This business pays well and can be among the best innovative side business ideas.


  • Register a business and make it legal to make high paying clients take you seriously
  • Develop a marketing strategy
  • Ask for referrals and testimonials from your first clients; nothing earns a client’s trust for you then when a friend refers them to you.
  • Find clients on bidding sites such as Upwork and Peopleperhour
  • Keep your clients by offering the best services to them.


  1. Social media expert


If you’re always on social media, you must know how to leverage it to make sales.


  • Start by positioning yourself as an expert by gaining enough experience in this field
  •  Find work through sites such as Upwork and signing for Fiverr.
  • Ask for reviews and testimonials from your first clients.

You can launch your social media marketing company after testing the waters and getting enough market share in a pool of social media experts.  


  1. Bookkeeping services


Do you have bookkeeping and accounting skills? Can you help local businesses to create balance sheets and income statements for their business? You can start your own bookkeeping services for local businesses in your area. All you need is a used laptop/desktop, an accounting software and internet connection.


Use the following tips to get started:


  • Develop a process for providing your bookkeeping services.
  • Create a website to showcase your service to local businesses.
  • Market and talk to local businesses about helping them to keep their books.
  • Deliver better services at affordable price.
  •  Give your best and get reviews.
  • Convert your bookkeeping services into a full service bookkeeping company.


  1. Cleaning services


There are many homes and offices that need people to help with regular cleaning. If you are good at cleaning and other janitorial services, you can consider starting a cleaning service business. 


All you will need at the beginning is some cleaning materials and equipment and then ask your clients to pay for other cleaning agents. From a humble beginning, you can eventually become a professional cleaner in this niche.


Here is how to make serious money as a professional cleaner:


  • Focus on the right clients: the right clients who will be willing to pay for your services and enable your business to scale over time. Consider local offices, banks, universities, or any other commercial or residential properties in your area.
  • Have a uniform for your staff: staff with an outfit that has your company name and logo will market your business indirectly
  • Keep your clients: A cleaning business is mostly a monthly contract; you can keep your clients by offering top services.
  •  Market and generate more clients to grow your cleaning business.


  1. Become a Professional Photographer


Are you a professional photographer? Or you are just good at taking pictures? Whatever, the case, you can convert your passion for pictures into an income generating photography business. There are many people out there looking for a professional photographer to help them.


You can also make money by taking photos and selling them online.


  • Understand photos that sell fast: blogger will be your primary target market most of the time. You need to target a hot niche. With the need for many professionals to have an online presence, a growing niche is personal brand photography. Help capture looks that professionals and entrepreneurs can use to market themselves to their target audience.
  • Invest in good equipment and editing software
  • Sign up for sites such as Adobe Stock, Shutterstock, and Alamy. These are popular for selling photos
  • Set up your website and sell photos directly. Accept photos from others to boost your income.


  1. Translator


Can you speak and write in two different languages, say English and French? You can earn money by translating two languages. Convert your translation skill into a business through the following steps:


Sign up for sites such as Upwork, proZ.com, TranslatorCafe, and Freelancer for translation tasks.

Amass experience working for the first few clients

Set up your own translation company to charge higher prices.


  1. Financial advisor


  • This business has grown over the years. However, you can beat the competition by offering better services.
  • Register a financial consulting firm to make the business legal
  • Market your company using word of mouth to get the first clients.
  • Focus on providing value for your clients. They will act as referrals to your business
  • Market your business consistently. 


  1. Become a Local Tour Guide


Are you familiar with tourist destinations in your area? Do enjoy touring places and learning about them. Take your passion and turn into a thriving creative business. You can start your own tour guide business to help local and international tourists plan their tour in your country.


How do you get started?


  •  Consider starting a travel/tourist blog.
  • Promote your tour services on your blog.
  • Take pictures of tourist’s sites and share exciting lessons about them.
  • Help local/international tourists plan a tour.
  • Liaison with hotels and car rental companies to get clients.
  • Start a Google Review or TripAdvisor column and get more reviews for your services.


  1. Affiliate marketer


Affiliate marketing is marketing a product that’s not necessarily yours and getting a commission on every sale you make. You need to ensure you believe in the product. You also have to ensure that your expertise matches the product being sold. To make serious money as an affiliate marketer, do this:


  • Have a niche blog: You can set up a blog in less than 30 minutes by hosting it on Bluehost or Namecheap and buying a domain name
  • Sign up for affiliate sites such as Clickbank and get a hoplink or affiliate marketing link.
  • Review your affiliate products on your blog and ask people to buy via your affiliate link.
  • Once a visitor buys a product through your site, you will earn affiliate commissions.


  1. Teach driving lessons to students


Do you have a car? Do you love driving? Are you a great driver? Don’t look further. Turn your passion for driving into a driving academy. You can enroll students who want to learn how to drive, set up an office and start teaching driving lessons.


Here are  some things to consider:


  • Ensure you get a driving license yourself
  • Join the local driving instructor association.
  • Study and get certification to be a driving instructor.
  •  Market your services online and offline.
  • Provide excellent tutoring and practical lessons.
  • Take pictures with students who graduate and promote them.


  1. Start a Catering Service Business


Are you good at cooking? Do you know how to cook many local dishes? You can start from there. Look for areas in your community where a local food vendor might be needed. Or you may even start a small restaurant in your community. A fast food restaurant is also a good idea.


To start your catering service business:


  • Define your niche.
  • Focus on a specific group of customers.
  • Focus on a few dishes that you can do well.
  • Develop a production system that ensures consistency of your brand experience.
  • Pay attention to your customer’s response and improve your dishes.
  • Get a local license to operate and sell the food to the community.
  • Consider providing catering services to offices and homes in your local area.


  1. Start a Car Wash Business


Chances are that there are many people with cars in your community. They might be very busy with their work and business schedules. You can start a local car wash in your community. You might even consider a mobile car washing service at the beginning, and then expand as you grow.


  • Find a location for the business.
  • Ensure there is a considerable number of moving cars passing the area.
  •  Set up the car washing system and equipment.
  • Deliver top-notch car washing services.
  • Share fliers around your local environment and run sales promos.
  • Drive sales and get more people to help with demands.


  1. Sell Information Products


Knowledge is king. The information products sector is rapidly growing rapidly. Taking the lead are digital products such as e-books.


According to data from Statista.com:


“Revenue in the ePublishing segment amounts to US$22,792m in 2019.”


“The market's largest segment is eBooks with a market volume of US$13,669m in 2019.”


Here are some tips to help you get started:


  • Target a specific niche 
  • Focus on a subject that you are qualified to write on
  • Create original content or combine private label content with your own to create an outstanding product.
  • Set up a website or landing page on a platform such as Clickfunnels or Kajabi.com
  • Promote and market your products through social media, word of mouth or  targeted advertising or affiliates


There you have it! 20 ideas you can get started on pretty quickly that will help you to turn your skills to dollar bills.


Are you struggling with beginning your first business? Do you have a brilliant idea but don’t know how to implement it? Don’t worry, we can help you to see the light at the end of the tunnel. 


With the help of our signature Skills To Dollar Bills Business Coaching Programs and courses, we will help turn your ideas into a thriving business that puts money into your pocket. Contact us today.



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