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Talented creatives and visionaries, like you,  with imaginations, ideas and innovations that can change the world. We support creatives! Why? Because creativity is the new currency and if you've got talent we've got the strategy. Whether you're a fashion professional, graphic designer, visual artist, beautician, coach, teacher, writer, speaker, photographer, videographer a cake boss, or a creative genius with an innovative idea, this program is designed for you. Technology has created many opportunities for you to use your gifts and talents to serve others. Build or grow your business as a Creative Entrepreneur by working with The Professional's Coach. Turn your Skills to Dollar Bills™


"When I started talking to Teca Cameron-Tackie, my Business Coach, I was hungry for my new venture to start doing the job I love, teaching speaking and coaching....through Teca’s guidance, mentoring and coaching, I was able to, first of all, get to know myself and my market, I learned to ask some critical questions and to look at the industry through different lenses. Teca took my hand and guided me through every step. She helped me to see what I look like from the buyer’s perspective. I grew so much under her coaching. From a “wanna-be” to the CEO of Prowess Growth Leadership Strategies. "

Rene Whiteman
CEO, Prowess Growth Leadership Strategies

"I came in contact with Teca at a point when I was in dire need of guidance, motivation and reassurance. She made me understand that 'next steps' and 'new beginnings' require more intelligent work. With Teca's expert advice, I got opened to new opportunities and I strongly believe that its an upward advancement from here on. Teca comes highly recommended by me. I trust her to bring her expertise to help anyone who finds him/herself at crossroads professionally and even personally."

Career Coaching Client

"Teca gave me many tools to grow. She helped me to clearly identify who I am serving, take advantage of social media and focus more on my online presence. With my personal brand, she also helped me with my communication skills which really helped to build my confidence as a professional and speaker. Not to mention, she enhanced my appearance by teaching me how to dress for success. I feel so much more confident. As a salon owner, I must look the part. I can say I know how to do that better now. Since working with Teca, I have seen a dramatic increase in my salon's activity in less than 6 months. The experience has improved my life. I have been able to give more hours to my employees and now I am in a position to hire a new one. I highly recommend Teca to any entrepreneur or professional that is building a brand and wants to get results."

CEO, Studio West, Business Coaching Client

"Teca is very professional and friendly. It was a pleasure to talk with her. She has a wealth of knowledge that she is eager to share. Even months later, I see the influence from hiring her for consultation. If you’re looking for clarity in progressing in your career life, I highly recommend contacting her. You’d be amazed at what you can learn in something as simple as a document revision session. "

Career Coaching Client, 90 Minute Quick Start

"I met Teca in a blogging group while I was melting about publishing my blog. I was so overwhelmed with making my blog perfect and adding in all of the advice I had seen all over the internet (how daunting!). She messaged me during my thorough meltdown and gave me small goals to accomplish. In addition, she celebrated the little things I did have completed which made me feel like I was on top of the world! I slowly started to realize that I was talking to a professional who knew exactly how to get from point A to point B of a business. I'm honored for the time she spent mentoring and coaching me through the biggest decision of my life... and I'm happy to say my blog is doing amazing! Over 1300 views and 75 comments in just 2 weeks! Thanks Teca for all of your help!"


"After a long and exhausting job hunt, I was starting to lose hope and was starting to think that no one would want to hire me. That was until I spoke with Teca Cameron-Tackie, an inspirational job coach. She assured me that there were opportunities out there for me. While on the phone with Mrs. Teca, she gave me two of the greatest pieces of advice: 1. Know what you want to do 2. Connect with the right people I would definitely recommend Mrs. Teca's service to my colleagues. I can assure the same confidence she built in me, she can build in them. On a scale of 1-10, I would give the service a 10. Mrs. Teca is very serious and passionate about helping others to find the job/career of their dream. Ever since my conversation with Mrs. Teca, I have started networking more with others and I am now receiving more offers than ever."

Career Coaching/Consulting Client


Got talent but not sure how to use it? In this FREE webinar, The Professional's Coach™, Teca Cameron-Tackie, will share with you the critical steps you need to take to turn your talents into profit and serve clients like a rock star. Grab your seat in this limited time webinar.


 Are you frustrated with your career?

Are you a creative or visionary who is slowly dying doing work and in an environment that stifles your growth?

Do you want to live your life on your own terms and have the freedom to earn what you want, when you want and how you want? Are you longing to pursue your creative side hustle or even full time creative business?

If you have been overwhelmed with the thought of how you could possibly transition into successfully running your own business using your creative skills you've just found your answer.

This membership program will provide you with the resources, tools, support and guidance you need to finally live the life that you desire by helping you to turn passion into profit.



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I know what it feels like to be stuck or overwhelmed by the challenges I've had in my career and business. Nothing saved me more than having access to the support of coaches and mentors, when I needed them the most. If you're looking for a way out of your 9-5 or a way up in your business, let's work together. It's time to start making more money using your skills and for you to gain the power and influence that's needed for your continued success. Let's brainstorm together and get you to THAT place of clarity, business enjoyment and impact you've worked so hard to achieve.


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